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About Us

Think. Build. Live.

IntelliCommunities® was born out of the need in the market for master-planned developments to foster better interaction among their residents. Our understanding of the development and engagement process in the land-development world helped us effectively partner with several developers to help form long-term strategies building value by fostering interaction between their residents creating a vibrant fabric from which to build the community. IntelliCommunities® achieved that goal with an innovative product called Netshare® which we continue to implement today.

Leveraging that knowledge and experience we have partnered with a variety of different companies working on strategic solutions based around concept we developed upon the company’s foundation…understand the business, develop the strategy, work to provide the finest tools and provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.

We have extended our reach into providing integrated systems and enterprise process solutions. These include Document-Management, Archive and Retention, Policy implementation, Digital Discovery Planning, Land-Development Technology Planning, Technology Project Management, and Managed IT Services.

We now characterize our business in two different categories, Enterprise Solutions, and Connected Community Solutions to which we continue to implement our broader mission.