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  • Visitors experience a sense of belonging and want to become part of the community
  • Engaged community members become community advocates
  • Leadership roles are assumed by engaged community members
  • Solutions derived by Netshare® will help build a stronger social fabric in your community

Community Benefits

Connected communities with engaged residents become irresistible environments...

Much more than just a website, our interactive application, Netshare®, facilitates community member engagement. Engaged members participate, vote, volunteer, solve community issues, seek advice, share with neighbors, help at schools, support political processes, encourage optimistic thinking, respect common rules, and benefit from shared values.

Visitors are naturally attracted to a community where members are involved with one another. They experience a sense of belonging derived directly from neighbors and the social fabric they weave.

Our solution creates community members who will encourage and invite their friends and relatives to share in their community experience creating a continuous source of potential new members.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Engaged community members become community leaders who can inspire others to participate. Netshare® makes it easy to balance community management and resources while maintaining community heritage. Our ASP service reduces the need for technical staff and support.

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