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  • People create vibrant and exciting communities.
  • Interaction within the community develops the “social fabric”.
  • Information exchange allows people to “belong”.
  • Inspiration allows your community residents to lead.

Our Solution

Our solution is built on the
following principles...


We begin by asking questions. What will ensure that your community thrives and grows together? We help you develop the values and goals that define your vision of a connected community. With over 60 communities and 10 years in business, let us help you build a community to be proud of.


We build solutions with Netshare® – from planning, to initial launch, through ongoing training and support. In designing Netshare®, we have provided a unique building block application specifically created to meet your needs with continuous product improvements and enhancements.


Our role is to focus on the systems and processes so that your community may “live” with the intended richness of its creators. A connected community is one where people are inspired to learn and grow, both socially and economically. Our evaluation process ensures that we provide a strong heritage for your community.

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